Southern Gospel Magazine is happy they will soon be back on line.  Starting our first issue off will be a Special Edition in the month of October.   It is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  I could not let this month go by without having this issue.  Domestic Violence hits very close to home for me and awareness is very near to my heart.  I have been the victim of domestic violence over the last 2 1/2 years.  Abuse comes in many forms and most of the time the one that is abused, keeps quiet about her abuser.  That is why, I have decided to come forward and share the stories of other people.  I hope to raise the awareness of Domestic Violence that crosses over  every economic, and social boundaries.  It is even prevelant in the "christian" world. 

In November we will begin our regular coverage of all Gospel Christian music genres.  Bringing you news about your favorite artists, recipes, inspirational stories and more about "The Legends" of Southern Gospel Music.  I hope you will welcome us into your home again and enjoy our coming issues.



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