Southern Gospel Magazine is happy to endorse Southeast Gospel Music Artist Association!   Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014 is the offcial date of their Third Annual Gospel Concert.  The spaces are limited for artists to register for this event.  Please email and request registration information and it should answer any questions that you may have!

SGMAA is excited to announce for the first time ever they will be awarding " SGMAA Artist Of The Year 2014".  This artist or group will be awarded to an artist that performs the day of Oct. 12, 2014!  The winner will be chosen by a 5 judge panel and criteria based on the artist's set that day!                  

This area in North Carolina used to have a huge audience for Gospel Concerts.  In a town just north of us, had Gospel Singings all the time and what started out to be a few hundred people ended up being in the 1000's.  We are trying to revitalize that love of Gospel Concerts and for the local churches to hopefully take an interest in artists and book them.  We make no promises of that, but, we are working very hard to achieve that goal!  So, this is a showcase each year for your ministry and along the way, someone will walk away with the award "SGMAA Artist Of The Year 2014"!

This is an exciting time, so please do not hesitate to register for this event!  It happens once a year and we would love to see you there!  It is a "limited space only" so each participant can have adequate time for their set!  If you have any questions, please give us a call!  910-986-4670 :: Band Website Design Builder